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Re-evaluating your relationships.

Hello everyone. Hope you all are doing great.

So today guys we’re going to talk about re-evaluating the relationships in your life(🥁🥁🥁).

Please note that relationships include both romantic relationships and friendships

So this has been on my heart for a really long time but I guess I’m writing it now.

Relationships are good and can be bad depending on the type you’re in but that’s a topic for another post. A lot of us have so many “ships”(relationships) with different people that literally begin to affect us little by little without us even knowing because when you’re trying to keep up with so many people it gets really tiring because you’re just a person trying to match multiple personalities (so freaking exhausting) and the worst being if you care about the emotions of other people more than yours.

There are a lot of insignificant relationships that are just there to bring us proper toxic and bad vibes and it’s high time we opened the door for them to kindly leave. There’s already a lot going on in the world, the last things we need are bad vibes from people. Some people need to go while some need to find their level at the bottom of your priority list. We need to stop giving so much energy and time to people that aren’t even worth it because they don’t even notice or value it. Focus on yourself first, know what you want and the kind of people you want(or need) in your life, the kind of vibes you want to have around you then just work from there. Too many hands spoil the soup just like too many friends can spoil you. The larger the crowd, the bigger the problems so cut down your crowd and just walk and be with people that make you happy, bring good vibes, love you, and want the best for you. Stay with people that make you want to be better and that understand you(very important). Don’t just let anyone into your life and give them a free pass to your heart, you have to guard your heart and be mindful of the people you give it to because giving your heart to someone who doesn’t rate you is like the worst thing ever because like the Bible said it’s like “giving pearls to pigs they’ll only trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces”(Mathew 7:6)because they don’t know the value. So be wise!

Check the relationships you have with different people and filter out the ones that are vague because we don’t have time for bad vibes and unnecessary drama. #selfcareisapriority

I pray God filters the unnecessary relationships in our lives and gives us meaningful and solid relationships and also the strength to let go and the wisdom to know the good and the bad ones (Amen). I love you!!❤️❤️


Relationship Goals

Often times I hear people say “couple goals” about most couples because of what they see or saw. I really want to stress on this because these words “relationship goals” have really put a lot of pressure in some relationships and even broken some.

Firstly I want to say there is no strategy in love follow your heart and do what works best for you.Period!

No one ever said you have to look perfect for the gram or sleep on roses or do things you don’t even like just so people can tag your relationship as goals. People really need to understand that because someone went out to the zoo with their partner and took really cute pictures and posted them doesn’t mean you have to go to the zoo too. You might even hate the zoo but just because you want your relationship to be tagged as goals you’re ready to swim in the ocean just to get that repost. Stop putting so much pressure on your relationship and let things flow from a place of love on both sides(I can’t stress this enough). There is nothing like a perfect relationship absolutely nothing. If deep down you know you actually feel like you deserve more and your relationship should be spicier than what it is and your partner isn’t actually working towards making things better it’s up to you to either be patient and accept he/she like that or find someone that matches your energy.

Find out what works best for you and your partner and work from there. It’s okay to admire others but don’t make their relationship a criteria for what yours must be like before you actually have fun.

The Power Of A Strong Woman

Look at you, being the queen you are

Looking all fine without any makeup

Your hair looking pretty whether long or short, coarse or soft

Your face having the best features anyone is yet to see

Your acne and blemishes don’t define you

Your heart as pure as gold

Your heart is your weapon so guard it very well

Your body figure whatever it may be is as perfect as perfect can be

Your legs however they maybe were made perfectly to fit your body

Don’t ever sell your self short

Don’t ever let anyone tell you less

Carry yourself with pride

Chin up, chest out

And stride with pride

You are so great

Flawless and effortlessly beautiful

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but girl you are your own beholder so see yourself in the most beautiful ways

Lift each other up

Wear your crown with pride

Get rid of any form of insecurities and pain and turn them into strengths

Your body is your kingdom so rule it well


Quarantine Quarantine

Where art thou my Queen tine(😂😂)

Hey guys how are you doing? I hope everyone is doing fine. I genuinely hope you guys are doing good or at least trying your best to stay sane because phew! It’s not easy.

I don’t even know what day it is any more because I’ve gotten so exhausted from keeping track of the days.

A little challenge: Check up on someone today be it your family, friend, neighbor, just check up on someone and see how they’re doing. You never can tell whose day you’ll make or light you’ll shine.

*A moment of silence for those whose lives have been lost due to this pandemic, sickness, rape and police brutality*

This quarantine has made me realize a lot of things and has forced a lot of us to self reflect.

I honestly never knew how much growth I needed in my life until this period (I’m sure it’s the same for you).

Some of us are going to discover how lonely we truly feel this period because we’re being compelled to stay at home without visiting anyone or going anywhere. Being alone is different from feeling lonely because we can be alone in a place and still feel very happy but loneliness is an in-depth issue and is one of the worst feelings ever because it can drive your mind into places you never even thought of. Loneliness can make you feel depressed, make you have suicidal thoughts, make you feel unloved, make you wish to go back to a relationship that you were sure you were done with, etc because that’s just what it does(it’s way deeper than we think). That moment when you just feel so void in your heart and nothing seems to make you happy. It is quite appalling to find out that there are actually people that don’t feel lonely like please can you actually teach us?!! The thing about loneliness is that no one can fill that void except God. Being in a relationship, friendships, working, eating, and many more can’t even fill it(the void) instead they make you feel fulfilled just at that moment and once these things are taken away from you the feeling comes back. I feel like loneliness is something that is built over time i.e it’s like a seed that keeps growing but this time a bad seed so you have to uproot it. Let’s be real, lack of love(it can be lack of self love too)is actually one of the main causes of this feeling. Deep down you just feel neglected, distant, shut out, and invisible by everyone including yourself.

Most African parents aren’t even close to their children and even if they don’t know it, this has a huge psychological effect on their children and their children grow up feeling neglected. I’m going to try my best to break this down as much as I really can. Most parents just believe that their role is just to provide materialistic things for their children forgetting that the most important thing in every child is their mental health. Most people that have to deal with loneliness often have love issues ie, no one really showed them utmost love when they were little so they grew with that emptiness in their heart or they just felt left out so they did everything possible to get people’s attention. Normally, the backup plan is always to throw a pity party but how about we just deal with the issue now so we can stop clinging on to other people & things and stop depending on their love for survival. Being in a relationship isn’t going to fix you, being a workaholic isn’t going to fix you, and drinking isn’t going to fix you either.

Firstly, you have to pray about it because you need God’s help and He’s literally the only one that can fix you. While you’re waiting on God don’t just sit around all moody, sad, grumpy and just having self-pity, actually try helping yourself. Try finding a place in your heart where there’s love for yourself and work from there. Search yourself for the light in you and let it shine. Gass yourself up, do stuff like singing, drawing, learning new stuff, anything you genuinely love, and just make yourself so comfortable around you so that even when everyone leaves you, know your happiness isn’t going to walk right behind them. Pull yourself together, it’s going to be hard and it might take a while but eventually, you’ll get there. When sadness and loneliness try to creep in just search for that light and choose happiness. Honestly, happiness is one thing only you can decide to have and I hope you choose it. When you focus on you and loving you, you’ll have enough to give out to others because you can only give what you have and there’s nothing more healthy than a cheerful heart.

Don’t worry about the people that left you or hurt you or the parent that wasn’t there for you, forgive everyone including yourself, and move on. Just let it go and whenever you see yourself going back to that place of pity and sadness just search for the light and joy within you and stir them back up and I promise with time you’ll see the best things falling in place in your life.

Nothing is easy but somethings are just worth the work. I pray God heals everyone that’s hurting, everyone that has a void in their heart, people with daddy and mummy issues, people that feel ostracized, and basically everyone that needs help. I pray we find the light in our hearts and I pray we don’t give anyone the power to make us feel lonely or unhappy in Jesus name. Amen

Stay tuned! Love you!!❤️

How high are your standards?

Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing good because damn! I’m tired of this quarantine. Don’t forget to check up on your loved ones. Yes, you. Dial that number and say hi to them or hit them up on any social media.

So I just started watching this series and it just made me wonder about setting standards and how when people can’t reach you, they start saying oh your standards are too high, or you need to lower your standards, etc. People should be free to want what they want. The fact I don’t want what you want doesn’t mean mine is bizarre because at the end of the day it just depends on your happiness. Some of us set our standards based on what other people think of us which isn’t meant to be. This topic is a really tricky one because you have to be really sure of who you are before you head on to decide what you want for yourself. People that deal with insecurities are just going to go on and accept anybody because they are just looking for someone(good or bad) that can stick around and you know just tolerate them because they don’t feel they deserve better. While those that actually know what they want are tagged as too proud or bossy. Honey, you can’t be everyone’s tea and everyone can’t be your tea, if you know you aren’t what a person wants then boo just get your bags and leave. Don’t pretend because it’s only a matter of time before your true self starts to show.

Now there’s a difference between setting your standards and just being unrealistic. I’ve heard some girls say they have a checklist of what their man should be like and I’m just like okay girl when your done moulding your Mr. Perfect hand him over to God to breathe life into him. When we set standards for ourselves let’s not forget we are still humans so let’s just be flexible and realistic. Don’t set up rules that even you can’t abide to. Be willing to try new things, don’t just close off yourself because of what Nathan or Chloé did to you years ago. I’ve seen a lot of people just settle down with anyone because they believe their “spec” will never come. Just be patient with yourself, if you know what you want go for it and look for it. There’s someone out there for everyone so just relax and keep praying and when he/she finally comes you’ll be happy you waited.

Be you and be real. Don’t lower yourself for anyone because they’ll never appreciate it and respect you.


The pain of feeling invisible

Imagine being alive but not feeling alive

Sucks right? Trust me I know.

When you’re trying to be a better person and no one notices your efforts

When you are speaking but it seems like no is listening

You’re working but no one still sees you

Damn! It sucks

Often times you just sit and you just like I’m so done with trying to make this person or group of people see me. Deep down you want to not care about what they think but whenever you see them you just find yourself trying again. You just go to your little corner at night or during the day and you just sit there sad with tears in your eyes because why won’t someone just tell me they see me and they can see my efforts. But the truth is if we were confident in ourselves we won’t need anyone to praise us because we will appreciate our own efforts even without anyone telling us they see us. Don’t get me wrong, I know sometimes it’ll just be fair to hear someone tell you how much they appreciate what you do, but what happens when no one tells you that? I know the normal we’re used to is feeling sad about it but hey!! It’s time to change that. Truth be told not everyone is going to appreciate you, some it’s because they don’t even know your value so they can’t appreciate what they know not the value of.

Self-appreciation is very crucial in our daily lives, it should be part of your checklist every morning. Tyler Perry said and I quote ‘Y’all go ahead and do that. While you’re fighting for a seat at the table, I’ll be down in Atlanta building my own.’ What I know for sure is that if I could just build this table, God will prepare it for me in the presence of my enemies. We spend so much time trying to fit into a table that barely even has space for our seats or that barely even notices our presence or absence when we can be the head of our own table. Tyler Perry had to first sit at other people’s table and I’m sure even though no one paid attention to him, he was learning and paying attention to the important things that he used to groom himself in order to start his own table.

Not everyone might be given the opportunity to start their own table at first, but it’s up to us to determine if we are going to remain at other people’s table forever or if we’re going to be smart to take the vital points from wherever table we find ourselves in and use it to ascertain ours. Don’t just sit there and wallow in how much no one notices you and do something that will make them look up to you. Appreciate yourself first because if you depend on other people for appreciation and approval, one day it would be taken away and you might fall back to square 1. Do things for you and not for the applause of other people. In your education, your work, your home, your church, your relationships, etc do things because they’re right and for yourself and God that sees what you do in secret would reward you openly.

Being An Adult Is Not That Exciting

Can I go back to the time when I couldn’t think of anything but happiness

Can I go back to returning home from school, tossing my bag on the ground and watching cartoons

Can I go back to the days when everything was smooth

Can I go back to the days when I had no pain

Gosh I miss the good old days of just singing at the top of my lungs and laughing at myself for how terrible sounded

Can I go back to the days when I’d dance till I literally can’t move

I just want to go on those rides I thought were so uncool so I turned them down

I want to go back to playing with my dolls cause they’d stick around and wait for me to get back from school

Now I can barely find a person who sticks around like my dolls

I just want to lay on the grass, play dress up games, play hide and seek, play tea time with my dolls, my real-life dolls

I promise I won’t take it for granted

I’m tired of being an adult

No one told me it was this hard

No one told me even when you’re sad you’d have to act like you have it all together

No one told me heartbreaks were real

Why didn’t no one tell me?

Atleast a heads up would have been better

I don’t want to be in this bittersweet cycle

I don’t want to have to be responsible for my actions

They say it’s part of the training process but like every trainee I’m tired of running from my fears, I’m tired of having to skip a moment then wishing I didn’t, I’m tired of jumping into conclusions, I’m tired of throwing javelins at myself because I failed once

I’m tired of running the race can I get a break already

Everyone seems to be moving on and growing except me. Lord help me

I just want to be happy from the bottom of my heart

I want to travel with my real life dolls

I want to be able to actually hug my dolls and tell them how much I love them and they’d tell me same

Where is my ken and when is my perfect dollhouse script going to come to life?

Don’t worry God I’m definitely going to wait

Don’t worry about me,I’ll befine.

Why is letting go so hard?

A lot of people I’ve met or heard of, most times the reason for the things happening in their lives at the moment is due to something they refused to let go of. So today we’re finally going to hit the nail on the head about why letting go is so hard.

Now let’s start with ourselves. Most of us find it very hard to move on with our lives because often times we feel we don’t deserve something because of what we did in the past which is actually really sad and we may not know because we already made ourselves believe that we have to suffer in order to pay the price of our mistakes. Now let me first say this,everyone makes mistakes but it’s how we deal with it that determines the effect of it on us. Yes you betrayed your friend a long time ago or you cheated in a relationship or you made a really bad decision or you lived a reckless life before. Boy/girl that was in the past and the earlier you forgive yourself the better for your heart. We can’t just go around carrying this guilt on our chest and letting it weigh us down and affect our productivity and our mental health. Yes you weren’t the best version of yourself but that does not make you a bad person for the rest of your life. You have to accept the fact that you made a mistake and you have to make a decision not to do it again and this time really mean it. I know most times the outcomes of our mistake are so much that it seems like we can never make up for what we did and guess what you’re so damn right you really can’t but there’s something better you can do. FORGIVE YOURSELF AND MOVE ON!.Eating yourself up about it isn’t going to change anything or bring back the relationship you lost or the job or family you lost . You can’t change the past, the only thing you can change is the present and the future. So it’s up to you to determine if you’re going to do way better now and in the future and trust God to heal you, make you better and either restore the things you lost or give you even better ones. Maybe you really shouldn’t have done that because you had no idea what you were doing or why you did what you did but guess what you did it and I’m really sorry to say but you can’t change the fact that you did it. The only way forward will be to ask for forgiveness from God, forgive yourself(why I put this second is because,if you don’t forgive yourself the possibility of healing even when the person or situation you wronged or messed up is extremely low. So you have to forgive yourself in order to accept other people’s forgiveness) and ask for forgiveness from the people you wronged or hurt. It’s honestly not easy because sometimes the enemy will remind you of your mistakes just to make you sad and to condemn yourself. But it’s up to you to either accept the forgiveness God offers or to fall back into your place of sadness(I personally won’t advice you to do this).

Now let’s talk about letting go of people. I think to majority of us this is the hardest especially when we feel like we need that person in order to be happy(which is very unhealthy). Now let me let you know that letting go of people necessarily doesn’t mean you cut the off or they are bad so therefore you have to let them go. What I’ve realized is everyone has a good side but when it takes the grace of God to see that in some people(trust me I know). Some people just aren’t good for you today, tomorrow or next because honestly, you can’t be compatible with over 1000people out of the 7billion people we have in this world. I don’t think it’s humanly possible. But not being compatible doesn’t mean you can’t leave in peace with everyone(now this is a decision you have to make on your own and I hope you choose peace).

Now back to letting go of people. Fact check: a lot of us find it really hard to let go of people especially the toxic ones. It’s when we finally let go that we realize they were never good for us. People are good but people can also be bad depending on how much we let them affect us. I know some people are already say “not for me, I let go off people easily like I let go of water”.But search your self, do you really? Letting go goes far beyond just saying it. If you were to be in a place with that person would they still affect you? Some people are already thinking of some people and saying of course not they can’t affect me but guess what mere thinking of them already says a lot about how much you’ve really let them go.

It’s really okay to want people but a situation whereby your happiness depends on the presence of a person or the voice of a person then that is already becoming a problem because no one has the power over your joy, they only have it when you give it to them. It’s very okay for someone to make you happy but don’t ever I repeat EVER depend on them for your happiness i.e if they’re not there you can’t be happy. Your joy has to come from within. People really underestimate real happiness and it’s quite appalling. Letting go doesn’t apply to only letting go of toxic people and vibes sometimes you have to let go of the feeling of depending on someone else(be it your friend or lover) for your sanity.

Release them,free them and let them be. Being alone can never kill you if that’s what it takes to move on. Do it for yourself/your sanity. If someone brings more harm than good in your life,let them go. Letting them go doesn’t necessarily mean you hate them or they’re bad people, it just means they aren’t good for you as an individual at that point of your life or forever. Remember: All clothes are beautiful but not all clothes will fit you; same goes for people. I know it’s going to be very hard to leave that person because you can’t even imagine life without them, but it should be a risk you’re willing to take for your own happiness and sanity. You don’t have to beat yourself up for your inability to let go at once, but slow and steady always wins the race. So don’t worry you’ll get there boo!

Now what everyone has been waiting for: letting go of unhealthy relationships(I hear you saying “finally”😂). Now I think this is the most common amongst us out of the three because the amount of unhealthy relationships we have nowadays is overwhelming. Now before I start let’s look at these features and if your relationship(friendships,etc) contains about 3 of these features then you need to put on your shoes and leave:

• Sadness

• Regrets

• Anger

• Hatred

• Suffering

• Tears

• Emotional distress

• Pain

• Constant doubt

• Etc

Now a lot of us would rather perish in an unhealthy relationship than leave because they fear they won’t find a better one outside or they have a phobia for being alone or they feel they can change the person. But let me ask you a question if a food is bad, do you keep eating it or do you throw it away and look for a better one? Me I will throw it away because I know it can cause harm to my health and I certainly do not want that. So if your answer is the same as mine then I know you are in the right state of mind. If your answer is to keep eating it then I pray God opens your eyes to know and taste good from bad.

Now if we can do that to foods then why is it so hard to do that in relationships(I really wonder)? Some of us stay in really toxic relationships because we say there’s no one else for me or I love them too much. I’m not saying you shouldn’t love,but take your love somewhere or to someone where it would be very much appreciated and reciprocated. We are humans and our time on earth is very short we really shouldn’t waste our time suffering or enduring or lowering our standards when there are extremely better places for us that can make our time on earth worthwhile. Don’t turn yourself into a rehabilitation center for someone who doesn’t want to go to rehab. You have tried your best but they still won’t change please dear pack your bags and go. You are not a bad person for wanting better for YOURSELF. You’re allowed to choose happiness. You might love them but it doesn’t mean they’re good for you,you can always love people without having to be in a relationship with them. It’s not your job to fix people you’re not God only God can do that so instead of crying and trying your best to change them how about you surrender them to God and leave.Some people say I believe I can change him/her but guess what I believe I can fly but here I am on my bed looking at that bird that just won’t keep quiet and not being able to do anything because I can’t fly to reach it. Let’s be realistic it’s only God that can change them and when they’re better God will provide someone else for them. Not everyone is good for you and you aren’t good for everyone so the earlier you accept that truth the better for you. Yes I know it’s very hard because you have stayed with them for so long and you love them so much, but do you love you? I’m not saying when you have arguments with someone just leave. No, because arguments are bound to happen between different people but when arguing becomes an everyday thing and you barely have peace and the argument leads to different toxic things each day and your voice isn’t being heard at all then boy/girl you need to pray for the person and take a huge break .

Being in love is a very beautiful thing and having friends is very good but don’t let it cause more harm than good in your life. You deserve better and trust me better will come so don’t be scared to leave because you feel you won’t find anyone else. Being alone won’t kill you it grows you and shapes you so don’t be scared to be alone. You didn’t fail at trying to change him/her, you tried your best and honestly someone can only change if they are willing to not because of you. So let go of that guilt and pray for them and move on. Please try not to be a toxic person because you’ll chase people away from you. I pray God gives us the ability to walk away from relationships that are killing us and I pray He helps us all to be better people.Amen. Don’t settle for less.


We’re so used to being busy even though sometimes our busyness isn’t being productive.

We just want to do do something, it’s almost as if we’re so addicted to not being at rest. We just want to talk,we just want to go out, we just want to read, we just want to argue, literally we just want to do anything.

God is calling us to rest this period.

We need to realign our priorities in different areas of our lives be it school, relationships, health, family, and most importantly ourselves. We need to set our priorities right.

Personally, I’ve been so used to putting everything else before me and I’ve been so scared to be alone because I never want to think about me. Like I was my biggest enemy.

I never wanted to talk to myself about things, I never wanted to be the one to care for myself, I always depended on someone else to do it for me because honestly, it was too much of a responsibility.

Imagine having to care for myself, make myself happy, think of myself, have fun by myself, sing by myself, cheer myself on, be my biggest fan and many more. Just listing them alone makes me feel so tired already. But honestly we’re so busy running away from self-care that we forget how much of our precious time we invest in others. Let’s do this quick maths; okay so we each have 24hours a day right? Imagine investing half of your 24hours to someone else which means you have just 12hours for yourself. Now let’s subtract the time we use to work,worry,complain,argue,think,go on social media and do other things from the 12hours we have just approximately 2hours left for us to get our nap before we proceed to the next day to continue our cycle.

When God said we are to use our gifts to serve other people He didn’t mean for us to stress and drain ourselves while we’re at it because the same God said “come to me all ye who are weary and heavy burdened and I’ll give you REST”. The Lord said we should come to Him when we are weary but first we have to accept the fact and tell ourselves the truth of how exhausted we are due to serving others.

Yes I’m so tired of trying to make everyone happy because honestly I can’t, I’m only as human as they are.

Yes I’m so tired of trying to keep you company because I’m only as bored as you are.

Yes I’m so sick of hearing your problems all the time because I have mine too and I’ve barely figured it out and hearing yours makes my cup overflow with sadness. Don’t get me wrong I love you but if you love me you’d know I have my own things to deal with sometimes.

I’m so tired of carrying everyone on my shoulders because I have the same amount of bones you have and I can’t carry everyone all the time sometimes I need carriage too.

We stress ourselves so much working for other people that when it comes to taking care of ourselves we have no energy left.

We need to breathe in the air of peace. Breathe!!!

It’s high time you told yourself “YES I KNOW I AM NOT ENOUGH” but I have a God that fills me.

It’s high time we told ourselves the truth which is “I AM EXHAUSTED FROM TAKING CARE OF OTHER PEOPLE I JUST NEED A BREAK”

It’s time to rest

Think of yourself for once

You can only give out as much as you have

The rule was always to love your neighbor as you love yourself not love your neighbor so much that you have none for yourself

It’s time for you to make your own decisions

Think and reflect on yourself. There’s more to you than you know.

You don’t always have to be doing something

You don’t always have to go out, you don’t always have to look at social medias and look at other people show you only what they want you to see

You need a break

You need to realign your life

You need to set your priorities right. You need to spend time with your Heavenly Father

You need to start spending time with yourself and conquering all your fears so you don’t carry them with you for life

You need to look at yourself in the mirror and cheer yourself on

Face that insecurity. Face that voice that tells you lies. Face that voice that tells you you’re not enough. Conquer those lies in your head that the devil has tried to put in you with the truth that God has said

You need to look on the inside of you because there’s so much going on and you have no idea. You have to work on yourself to be your own peace so even when everything seems to be falling apart you’d still have your sanity because you never depended on all those things for your peace.

It’s time for you to feel like a child again and be happy genuinely from within. We don’t have to be perfect that is why we have a perfect God that loves us even calls us perfect even with our imperfections.

God help us all❤️


I feel like people need to talk more on the struggles we face in school. People need to tell us it’s going to be very hard,we’d have breakdowns,we’d question our careers,friendships would drain us. People need to tell us it’s not going to be easy. There’d be happy times and there’d be depressing times, there’d be so much peer pressure that if you do not have priorities you’d fall deep into regrets. Yes we know school does not determine our worth but guess what majority of the people on earth pass through school and we go through somethings and we’re just waiting for someone to finally talk about our struggles in the educational sector. The bulling, the heartbreaks, the loves, the flings. Someone needs to tell us girl/boy it’s going to be hard but don’t worry God got us and we can do it. Someone needs to tell us when we fail once we get up twice. Someone needs to say the downfall of a man is not the end of him. Say it . Tell us. Tell us yes I see you, I feel you I’ve been there. Those times it seemed like you weren’t going to finish guess what we finished but by the help of God. Someone needs to tell us press on towards the goal ahead. Someone needs to speak about the truths and struggles of school!!!

Welcome 🧡

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing good. I decided to start up my own blog because I felt like I needed a larger audience to express myself more and how I feel about different stuff and generally just be real and at the same time make it fun while doing it. So I hope you guys enjoy it and love it. Thank you ❤️