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We’re so used to being busy even though sometimes our busyness isn’t being productive.

We just want to do do something, it’s almost as if we’re so addicted to not being at rest. We just want to talk,we just want to go out, we just want to read, we just want to argue, literally we just want to do anything.

God is calling us to rest this period.

We need to realign our priorities in different areas of our lives be it school, relationships, health, family, and most importantly ourselves. We need to set our priorities right.

Personally, I’ve been so used to putting everything else before me and I’ve been so scared to be alone because I never want to think about me. Like I was my biggest enemy.

I never wanted to talk to myself about things, I never wanted to be the one to care for myself, I always depended on someone else to do it for me because honestly, it was too much of a responsibility.

Imagine having to care for myself, make myself happy, think of myself, have fun by myself, sing by myself, cheer myself on, be my biggest fan and many more. Just listing them alone makes me feel so tired already. But honestly we’re so busy running away from self-care that we forget how much of our precious time we invest in others. Let’s do this quick maths; okay so we each have 24hours a day right? Imagine investing half of your 24hours to someone else which means you have just 12hours for yourself. Now let’s subtract the time we use to work,worry,complain,argue,think,go on social media and do other things from the 12hours we have just approximately 2hours left for us to get our nap before we proceed to the next day to continue our cycle.

When God said we are to use our gifts to serve other people He didn’t mean for us to stress and drain ourselves while we’re at it because the same God said “come to me all ye who are weary and heavy burdened and I’ll give you REST”. The Lord said we should come to Him when we are weary but first we have to accept the fact and tell ourselves the truth of how exhausted we are due to serving others.

Yes I’m so tired of trying to make everyone happy because honestly I can’t, I’m only as human as they are.

Yes I’m so tired of trying to keep you company because I’m only as bored as you are.

Yes I’m so sick of hearing your problems all the time because I have mine too and I’ve barely figured it out and hearing yours makes my cup overflow with sadness. Don’t get me wrong I love you but if you love me you’d know I have my own things to deal with sometimes.

I’m so tired of carrying everyone on my shoulders because I have the same amount of bones you have and I can’t carry everyone all the time sometimes I need carriage too.

We stress ourselves so much working for other people that when it comes to taking care of ourselves we have no energy left.

We need to breathe in the air of peace. Breathe!!!

It’s high time you told yourself “YES I KNOW I AM NOT ENOUGH” but I have a God that fills me.

It’s high time we told ourselves the truth which is “I AM EXHAUSTED FROM TAKING CARE OF OTHER PEOPLE I JUST NEED A BREAK”

It’s time to rest

Think of yourself for once

You can only give out as much as you have

The rule was always to love your neighbor as you love yourself not love your neighbor so much that you have none for yourself

It’s time for you to make your own decisions

Think and reflect on yourself. There’s more to you than you know.

You don’t always have to be doing something

You don’t always have to go out, you don’t always have to look at social medias and look at other people show you only what they want you to see

You need a break

You need to realign your life

You need to set your priorities right. You need to spend time with your Heavenly Father

You need to start spending time with yourself and conquering all your fears so you don’t carry them with you for life

You need to look at yourself in the mirror and cheer yourself on

Face that insecurity. Face that voice that tells you lies. Face that voice that tells you you’re not enough. Conquer those lies in your head that the devil has tried to put in you with the truth that God has said

You need to look on the inside of you because there’s so much going on and you have no idea. You have to work on yourself to be your own peace so even when everything seems to be falling apart you’d still have your sanity because you never depended on all those things for your peace.

It’s time for you to feel like a child again and be happy genuinely from within. We don’t have to be perfect that is why we have a perfect God that loves us even calls us perfect even with our imperfections.

God help us all❤️


Published by Stephanie

Nigerian🇳🇬 Christian❣️ Igbo

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