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Being An Adult Is Not That Exciting

Can I go back to the time when I couldn’t think of anything but happiness

Can I go back to returning home from school, tossing my bag on the ground and watching cartoons

Can I go back to the days when everything was smooth

Can I go back to the days when I had no pain

Gosh I miss the good old days of just singing at the top of my lungs and laughing at myself for how terrible sounded

Can I go back to the days when I’d dance till I literally can’t move

I just want to go on those rides I thought were so uncool so I turned them down

I want to go back to playing with my dolls cause they’d stick around and wait for me to get back from school

Now I can barely find a person who sticks around like my dolls

I just want to lay on the grass, play dress up games, play hide and seek, play tea time with my dolls, my real-life dolls

I promise I won’t take it for granted

I’m tired of being an adult

No one told me it was this hard

No one told me even when you’re sad you’d have to act like you have it all together

No one told me heartbreaks were real

Why didn’t no one tell me?

Atleast a heads up would have been better

I don’t want to be in this bittersweet cycle

I don’t want to have to be responsible for my actions

They say it’s part of the training process but like every trainee I’m tired of running from my fears, I’m tired of having to skip a moment then wishing I didn’t, I’m tired of jumping into conclusions, I’m tired of throwing javelins at myself because I failed once

I’m tired of running the race can I get a break already

Everyone seems to be moving on and growing except me. Lord help me

I just want to be happy from the bottom of my heart

I want to travel with my real life dolls

I want to be able to actually hug my dolls and tell them how much I love them and they’d tell me same

Where is my ken and when is my perfect dollhouse script going to come to life?

Don’t worry God I’m definitely going to wait

Don’t worry about me,I’ll befine.


Published by Stephanie

Nigerian🇳🇬 Christian❣️ Igbo

3 thoughts on “Being An Adult Is Not That Exciting

  1. Another beautiful post Stephanie. My grand daughter loves playing with her dolls – or did till about 6 months back💖
    She is so keen to grow up quick and I am unable to convince her that childhood is the best period of our lives.
    Am glad for you that you aren’t growing like others 😇
    It is great to remain childlike but not childish.
    Wishing a joyous and fulfilling life for you 🤗


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