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How high are your standards?

Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing good because damn! I’m tired of this quarantine. Don’t forget to check up on your loved ones. Yes, you. Dial that number and say hi to them or hit them up on any social media.

So I just started watching this series and it just made me wonder about setting standards and how when people can’t reach you, they start saying oh your standards are too high, or you need to lower your standards, etc. People should be free to want what they want. The fact I don’t want what you want doesn’t mean mine is bizarre because at the end of the day it just depends on your happiness. Some of us set our standards based on what other people think of us which isn’t meant to be. This topic is a really tricky one because you have to be really sure of who you are before you head on to decide what you want for yourself. People that deal with insecurities are just going to go on and accept anybody because they are just looking for someone(good or bad) that can stick around and you know just tolerate them because they don’t feel they deserve better. While those that actually know what they want are tagged as too proud or bossy. Honey, you can’t be everyone’s tea and everyone can’t be your tea, if you know you aren’t what a person wants then boo just get your bags and leave. Don’t pretend because it’s only a matter of time before your true self starts to show.

Now there’s a difference between setting your standards and just being unrealistic. I’ve heard some girls say they have a checklist of what their man should be like and I’m just like okay girl when your done moulding your Mr. Perfect hand him over to God to breathe life into him. When we set standards for ourselves let’s not forget we are still humans so let’s just be flexible and realistic. Don’t set up rules that even you can’t abide to. Be willing to try new things, don’t just close off yourself because of what Nathan or Chloé did to you years ago. I’ve seen a lot of people just settle down with anyone because they believe their “spec” will never come. Just be patient with yourself, if you know what you want go for it and look for it. There’s someone out there for everyone so just relax and keep praying and when he/she finally comes you’ll be happy you waited.

Be you and be real. Don’t lower yourself for anyone because they’ll never appreciate it and respect you.


Published by Stephanie

Nigerian🇳🇬 Christian❣️ Igbo

24 thoughts on “How high are your standards?

  1. Yes. I know the woman I am and the kind of partner I want but sometimes people make me feel like I should settle because my standards are high but I don’t care because I know I don’t deserve anything less.


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