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The Power Of A Strong Woman

Look at you, being the queen you are

Looking all fine without any makeup

Your hair looking pretty whether long or short, coarse or soft

Your face having the best features anyone is yet to see

Your acne and blemishes don’t define you

Your heart as pure as gold

Your heart is your weapon so guard it very well

Your body figure whatever it may be is as perfect as perfect can be

Your legs however they maybe were made perfectly to fit your body

Don’t ever sell your self short

Don’t ever let anyone tell you less

Carry yourself with pride

Chin up, chest out

And stride with pride

You are so great

Flawless and effortlessly beautiful

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but girl you are your own beholder so see yourself in the most beautiful ways

Lift each other up

Wear your crown with pride

Get rid of any form of insecurities and pain and turn them into strengths

Your body is your kingdom so rule it well


Published by Stephanie

Nigerian🇳🇬 Christian❣️ Igbo

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