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Re-evaluating your relationships.

Hello everyone. Hope you all are doing great. So today guys we’re going to talk about re-evaluating the relationships in your life(🥁🥁🥁). Please note that relationships include both romantic relationships and friendships So this has been on my heart for a really long time but I guess I’m writing it now. Relationships are good andContinue reading “Re-evaluating your relationships.”


The Power Of A Strong Woman

Look at you, being the queen you are Looking all fine without any makeup Your hair looking pretty whether long or short, coarse or soft Your face having the best features anyone is yet to see Your acne and blemishes don’t define you Your heart as pure as gold Your heart is your weapon soContinue reading “The Power Of A Strong Woman”


The pain of feeling invisible Imagine being alive but not feeling alive Sucks right? Trust me I know. When you’re trying to be a better person and no one notices your efforts When you are speaking but it seems like no is listening You’re working but no one still sees you Damn! It sucks OftenContinue reading “THE PAIN OF FEELING INVISIBLE.”

Why is letting go so hard?

A lot of people I’ve met or heard of, most times the reason for the things happening in their lives at the moment is due to something they refused to let go of. So today we’re finally going to hit the nail on the head about why letting go is so hard. Now let’s startContinue reading “Why is letting go so hard?”


I feel like people need to talk more on the struggles we face in school. People need to tell us it’s going to be very hard,we’d have breakdowns,we’d question our careers,friendships would drain us. People need to tell us it’s not going to be easy. There’d be happy times and there’d be depressing times, there’dContinue reading “TRUTH UNTOLD ABOUT SCHOOL.”